Echoing Forms poster.png

Marela Zacarias, “Echoing Forms,” February–April 2017
1515 Broadway, NYC

Visible throughout the 44th Street entrance and Visitor Center, Zacarias’ work featured painted geometric patterns on billowing, fabric-like sculpture that seemed to defy gravity. Zacarias also led a workshop for Viacom employees about creating art from everyday found objects.

Artist Statement:
There are many parallels between the work of visual artists and the work of those who work at Viacom, as we are all involved in the creative process. We are given (or we give ourselves) a set of tools — problems to solve, materials to work with, stories to create and interpret — and we let our creativity and intuition take over. We create magic by bringing things to life that didn’t exist before. We are culture catalysts; we help transform information that surrounds us into art or, in Viacom’s case, media. Having these overlapping similarities in mind, I have created the works for Echoing Forms, a site-specific installation that is about the creative process itself. The explosion of form and color seen in these works is based on the potential of a medium to create meaning using plastic elements and materials as expressive devices. As in any art form, the final interpretation of the works is up to the viewer. I put the work forward with an intention of meaning, but the final reception of such intent depends on the people who see the works. While creating sculptures that are suspended in mid-air, for example, I thought about how their upward movement and colorful nature embodies a sense of optimism and lightness. Will others feel this too when they look at the works, or will they project their own feelings and imagery onto the sculptures? Leaving rigid definitions of early abstraction behind, these works combine biomorphic sculptures with geometric shapes to create dynamic works that interact with the architecture of the building and with the people who walk through the installation on their way in and out of work. It is my hope that the people who see and experience these works will jump into an echoing dialogue between my creative process and their own.